5 Biggest Lobbying Controversies That You Should Know About

In itself, the definition of the word lobbying is just as controversial as the profession. Lobbyists are considered to be the people who are paid to persuade or influence the decisions of government.

In fact, the Principles for Ethical Conduct of Lobbying clearly defines lobbying as purposely attempting to control legislative decisions through various forms of support directed to politicians on behalf of a group, organization or an individual.

Ideally, lobbyists are said to operate behind closed doors, through quiet negotiations with people in government. Operating in the shadows, their influence increases when it goes largely unnoticed by the general public. With such a definition however, controversies are set to arise especially when the meaning of the term is in conflict with other activities. Here are the five biggest lobbying controversies that you need to know about.

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There Is No Accurate Numbers On Staff

Since there is no accurate list or official registration of working professionals, it is hard to know how many individuals work in this profession.

Additionally, there are no statistics that comprehensively takes account of all the professionals that take part in lobbying activities.

Therefore, the public has access to a plethora of conflicting information as to the precise registration of staff in this profession thus leading to confusion as to the exact number of individuals involved.

Ethical Dilemmas

When a number of behaviors of both lobbyist and lawmakers undermine the transparency and fairness of the process, ethics come into question.

A good example is when a policy maker is rewarded to vote in a certain way thus allowing organizations or people with money to win.

In order to promote transparency, it is essential for sources of interest to be visible to the general public.

This helps to prevent provision that mainly profit certain organizations or industries that lawmakers take into appropriation bills.

Lobbyists Have Power Around Government

Lobbyist are believed to have their way around government in that if they fail to block legislation, they dilute it in the interest of their clients.

There are plenty of examples showing how much power commercial lobbyists have. A good example is the law that requires food packages containing genetically modified food not to be labeled as such.

Instead, biotech companies as well as the food industry in the US persuade lawmakers to pass laws that say such labeling discriminate against genetically modified produce.

Regulating Lobbyists As Well As Their Activities Is Difficult

While there have been numerous efforts to modulate lobbyists as well as their activities, the efforts have proved to be futile.

Lobbyists are regarded as professionals who are not required to comply with or follow any mandatory standards of conduct.

This has been the situation long ago, it mostly happens, not unless they are voluntarily required to do so.

Organizations Have Influence On Lawmakers

Each year, legislations that influence the activity of organizations pass through the law houses of different houses.

With this in mind, every year there are organizations that try and influence lawmakers to have a power on business of interest.

During election years, you are likely to see politicians accepting funding from wealthy corporations or individuals.

This is considered as a favor the politician is bound to return when needed once they take office.

While it is quite hard to prove that such funding directly influences some decisions made by politicians, the idea is not that absurd. However, this is one of the main reasons why lobbying remains controversial.

Signs and agreements are all tied to money. By following major industries and the amount they spend on contributions towards campaigns, lobbying is not a far-fetched conclusion. This profession is enormous, and most corporations do it to grow their profits even if it is at the expense of customers.


I was wondering if I could pursue a successful career in lobbying, earlier. Experts told me that the lawmakers are also human beings. Being amiable and polite, and dressing respectfully is good enough to grab hold of the attention of the lawmakers.