5 Crazy Facts about Lobbyists

The Lobbyist holds extensive influences on the political and legal framework across the globe. In today’s time, these entities play a catalytic role in protecting their interest of their clients and buying them intense backing from the lawmakers and the custodians of law. The paragraphs underneath shall discuss a few interesting points about the lobbyists.

Lobbyist bring in loads of money to finance the election and re-election of officials

A research shows that an elected official in the US needs pulling around 14000 USD to retain the office for a single day. It is impossible for such officials to supply that cash out of pocket and hence, they turn to the Lobby firms to get the adequate supply of money. These firms, in turn, manage the money from its clients who are actually paying this money for buying favors from the officials. However, as the lobbyist firms plays the role of an intermediary and raise this money as a legal fundraiser, neither the officials, companies or the lobby firms can be accused of doing something ill legal.

Lobbyist steps into the shoes of the lawmakers

As Lobbyist finances the election and reelection of the lawmakers, eventually, these entities goes to a position wherein it seems that they are drafting and altering the laws in a style that will safeguard and promote their interests.

Lobbying agencies recruit retiring senators to serve as lobbyist

Retiring senators will have comprehensive knowledge on the prevailing legal framework, the drawbacks in the legal codes as well as easy access to the in-office senators and the custodians of law. Hence, retiring senators are often approached by these firms with employment opportunities. These officials are offered a usual job role and multi-million compensation packages and eventually, they are assigned the task of lobbying. Hence, even before the retiring senators are joining these firms, they come under the influences of the lobbyist as their prospective employers.

Politicians can rap exceptional gains, taking gigs with Lobbying firms

This approach of retiring senators joining the lobbying firms is called the Revolving Door. Taking such offers, a politician can experience a hike over 1500% at a go. With such potential standing just at a handshaking distance, it becomes impossible for the politicians to resist the financial temptation. Hence, ten end up being a soft-target to the lobbying firms and even if their inclination towards these lobbyist firms can hamper the national interest, they hardly mind emphasizing financial gain over national interest and call of morality.

The loophole in the definition of Federal laws is the armors to the lobbyists

The loophole in the definition of Lobbyist as per the Federal Laws is making the practice of revolving door a matter of cakewalk. Hence, the perils are not standing outside, but lie to the core.

The Lobbyists are gaining more and more influences over the legal and political framework with the passage of time. Even if a grayed character, these entities are definitely a major stakeholder of the national life in contemporary times.