Controversies, Lobbyists

Reasons Why Lobbying is Controversial

Meaning of lobbying itself is as controversial as the activity. One clear definition from the Principles for Ethical Conduct of Lobbying defines it is “on purpose attempt to control political decisions through forms of support directed to policymakers on behalf of another person, organization or group.”

Controversy arises where the definition is in conflict with other activities. For example, difference between a consultant and a lobbyist. A person called in to consult may be employed by a group with an interest in surrounding policy.

Lobbying Present Ethical Dilemmas

Ethics comes into question when various behaviors of lobbyists and lawmakers undermine the fairness and transparency of that process. For example, rewarding a policy maker to vote in a certain way. This allows people and organization with money to win the day.

Sources of interest must be visible to the public. This is to promote transparency. This is to prevent provision that benefit certain industries or organizations that lawmakers take into appropriation bills.


No Accurate Figures on Staff

It is difficult knowing how many people work in lobbying because there is no official registration and accurate list of working professionals. No statistics comprehensively takes into account all professionals ultimately involved in lobbying activities.

There is a lot of conflict information put to the public of accurate registration of professionals, which lead to confusion about the number of people involved.

Lobbying Kills Interesting Startup Ideas

Perv Mom Project

Perv Mom Project

You could ask how so? Well, the prime example of it could be project associated with perverted moms called Perv Mom. Even with its name it’s already controversial and it was a huge scandal for politicians. Along with their lobbying buddies they tried to bin the project, but well, in the land of Freedom it’s not that easy and Perv Mom series is going to launch somewhere in February of 2018. Impressive, isn’t it?

Perv Mom is going to feature all the best American MILFs in the fantasy taboo family relations like having sexual intercourse with step-sons and other family members.

Corporations Have Influence on Lawmakers

Every year, legalizations that impact on activity of organizations pass through countries law houses. However, these same organizations try to influence lawmakers to have a power on business of interest. Politicians seek funding during election years, which leads them to accept funding from wealthy individuals and corporations.

It is very difficult to prove that such funding has a direct impact on political decisions, which is why lobbying remains controversial.

Difficult to Regulate Lobbyist and Their Activities

There have been many attempts to regulate lobbyists and their activities, which have proved futile. Lobbyists are not bound to follow and comply with any compulsory standards of conduct, unless they voluntarily do so.

WhitehouseThe Power of Lobbyists around Government

There are numerous examples of the power of commercial lobbyists in the United States. For example, a law requiring that food packages containing genetically modified food not to be labeled such. The US food industry and biotech companies influence lawmakers to pass laws that say such labeling stigmatizes GM produce.

Lobbyists have their way around governments. If they can’t block legislation, they water it down in the interest of their clients.

Signs are in the money! When you follow the money major industries are spending on campaign contributions and lobbying, it is enormous. They do this to increase their profits at the expense of the consumer.

Some lobby groups exert more influence than others by virtue of having more money and political connection. The exchange of favors is complex and a very gray area that it is hard to find proof. Some groups lobby for changes that are repugnant to other groups. Individuals can rarely afford to lobby, which gives corporations with much deeper pocket sphere of influence on majority of issues.