Amazon Building Largest In-House Tech Lobbying Team

As the Amazon company expands its scale of operation it has skillfully assembled the largest Lobbying team under the description of technology companies. This has not come without its set of critics the most prominent being Donald Trump.

Since the presidential elections, the company has added twice the number of its in-house Lobbyists from 14 individuals to 28 hence making Amazon the lead technology company ahead of Google, Facebook and even Apple Company.

According to the statistics presented by Financial Times, Google currently has 13 lobbyists while Facebook and Apple have only 8 in-house Lobbyists. This expansion by Amazon reflects on its widespread nature of transacting business which constantly is checked by various legislations as well as standard business regulations. The Trump indulge in their expansion may point to a State-house vendetta towards the entity. Amazon has its scale of operations stretching out to cover drone technology, cybersecurity, securing data as well as intellectual property, automated vehicles and air cargo technology, lucrative procurement deals from the Pentagon, cloud computing, taxes, and also food stamps.

That Sitcom Porn – No Lobbying Needed

That Sitcom Porn Show

That Sitcom Porn Show

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Trump on the Twitter platform has projected his criticism on the company claiming that it has been accruing concession rates from the United States Postal Service as well as evading taxation from the IRS. The company has however been proactive from the previous Obama regime maintaining a high lobbying spending. This is reflected in its overall expenditure not only for internal lobbyists but also the external ones. This coupled up with the company’s efforts to get the public to indulge the policy-makers has increased by a factor of four from 2014 to the end of 2017.

StepSiblings enters the market

It’s not yet said but a few sources say that StepSiblings.org content could be added to the database of Amazon Prime videos. But let’s be honest, the chances are none as it’s adult entertainment project. StepSiblings.org features fantasy scenarios of sexual relations between step brothers and their step sisters. Can you imagine something like this being widely available online in Prime?

From an analytical overview, however, it is possible to derive that the Amazon company has been breaking away from the Washington convention by contracting more of in-house lobbyists rather the outsiders who are more flexible on issues although more expensive.