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Whoever said school has to always be dull and boring? Fakedrivingschool is a car porn website that teaches young British chicks how to ride – cars, a man or woman. Ever wanted to learn how to drive and get a bonus while you are at it? Then Fake Driving School website is where you need to go to get your Learner’s permit from!

This site has hot instructors with big gears and even hotter students eager to learn. Take a joyride around the block and be awarded a steamy reward during and after – depending on how good a driver you are. We all know how tense and scary taking your first driving test can be – who wants to fail and be denied their driving license? These students will do anything – and I mean anything to make sure that their instructors do not fail them.

We have Lola who came in for her first lesson but could not even find the ten and two on the steering wheel. She could barely find the strength to move the handbrake let alone reach the clutch. Determined to pass her lessons, Lola will do just about anything to make sure that she pleases her instructor so that he does not fail her.

Fake Driving School has some very steamy sessions that will have you enrolling for classes after watching a few of their training sessions.

They are doing about everything to tease their teachers. And it works!

What selections can I pick from? 

Here, you will have access to Mixed Asian student who can’t drive and is willing to cheat in order to pass; hot blonde student learning all about oral before her big oral test, a young Black woman who’s never been behind the wheel before and is more than eager to follow her teacher’s demands, and a busty Ebony babe that will do anything to rectify her previously failed test.

Other lessons found on Fake Driving School include:

  • Italian student who cannot keep her hands off her hot instructor
  • Teen who is more interested in driving her instructor’s rod than the car
  • Ebony who’s lesson ends in creampie
  • And so much more.

Who are the students?

It is evident from Fakedrivingschool.com that there are very many people out there who need help learning how to ride a joystick. In Fake Driving School, a couple of students in dire need of some hard lessons include:

  • Rina Ellis – Beth Bennett – Lola
  • Stella Cox – Ella Hughes – Kiki
  • Satine Spark – Pixiee Little – Carly
  • Harmony Reigns

Some of their very patient and more than willing to assist teachers include:

  • Ryan Ryder
  • Jasmine J (Examiner)

How far would you go to get your driving license? Tired of watching the same old porn with no story line? Well, here is your chance to enjoy some very thrilling joyrides. Fakedrivingschool.com will prove to you that all you need is a desperate student and more than eager to assist instructors.

Ever wanted to take out your frustrations on a bad instructor? Fulfill your fantasy by watching some of fakedrivingschool.com students tell their teachers exactly what they think of their attitude and watch them take out their frustrations on them. How far would you go for a free lesson? What if your instructor promised you a free lesson if you let him fuck you as hard as he wants and in any position? At Fake Driving School.com, you will have access to some wild car fantasies for only $1.

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Fakedrivingschool.com is your all stop shop for all your car porn fantasies. They have incredibly beautiful and flexible models and just as hot fake teachers determined to make sure they produce students who will not pose a threat to other drivers on the road.

And the Ride Continues…

This website comprises of interesting story lines, eager students, and professional teachers who have put a whole new twist to the term “fast and furious”! Enjoy their ever-growing collection of videos for just $1. Join now and be part of this growing website as they make sure our roads are safe, thanks to their instructor’s dedication to impart their driving knowledge onto innocent and eager students.