Lobbying With Path-Dependent Mode of Learning Process

Dressing presentably, and being on time are the prime needs to be ready for lobbying with any big personality. The key decision makers, or the officials, will appreciate that and come to terms quickly in that way. Appearance is what that wins the credibility in the first impression.

Learning process

Let not the appearance, distract the message of yours. Creating impression in the minds of the person is often necessary. Never being with a negative statement even though you are not in support to his or her statements or policies. Start on a positive note. Bring them to the comfort zone. Allow them to talk freely. Natural facts that come out of their mouth, freely, can bring out what is needed eventually. When the flow is created, then the needed objectives can be fulfilled easily just in time.

brain-544412_1920Express the mission of your organization without fail to the decision maker. If you are lobbying as just lone individuals, do not worry. You can still introduce better as a part of the constituent. It can be any mention about the family or business that you boast. Else, it can be some kind of business ties that you may have with the legislator.

Mention about the legislators vote in your favor, addressing to your prime issue of focus. It makes them to consider talking to you about the issue. If there is any other positive note from your own side, to pitch in effectively that you have substantial base, then that should merit the consideration as well. Now you have finished the introductory part, so jump in. take time. Thank the official for giving time to meet you. The issue to be discussed must be mentioned clearly and concisely. They must know about what you are going to discuss with him in the next few seconds, or minutes or hours. The time is only decided based on the evaluation he or she does about the proposal that you have come up with at that moment. If he or she finds it to be too petty issue to be handled at that point of hour, when there are bigger headaches to consider, simply blunt refusals can come to show you the doors.

Path-dependent modepuzzle-961800_1920

This is why you need to stress on the fact how the members are affected by the issue. The members here mean the
constituents of the state or district. It could be imperative enough to highlight your experience, study and expertise in this related issue, and why you want to focus on this something in particular. It can be a personal story or some other type of concrete examples too.

If you have a list of other organizations that support you, or other concrete people who are emphasizing for implementation of your proposals to fix the issue, then present that without fail. Government officials as well as the lawmakers, who support the position of yours, can be mentioned here, too. Then listen to what the person has to say. Take the right calls immediately, to arrive at a win-win situation.