Lobbying As a Reaction To External Environments

Just ahead of the meeting with the key decision makers, for lobbying, researching issue better and about the key information related to the lawmakers, becomes necessary. Does your home work about the issue? The results of the issue and why you need a fix, all such details must be studied well. The external environment that is influenced by the bad decisions made by the key officials, and the ways to shed light on those facts, are very important in the presentation. Unless and until the presentations are done with clarity, the favorable results are hard to obtain.

telephone-586268_1920Preparations for the hour

  • Ask first yourself, is lobbying the, appropriate solution for your campaign or is there any other means to address to the issue?
  • Who is in charge?
  • How many people are involved in the decision-making and who are those?
  • Is it the congress or the admin that is making the decisions?
  • Get to know about the dates when the legislation or the issue is coming for a vote or hearing.
  • Who is the rival who is going to support the issue against us? Is there anyone who is also lobbying against the issue just like us? Do you have any idea about what they have in arguments or messages conveyed already?

When you have prepared the answers to all these questions then most probably you are in the right tract to take the right calls, immediately. Yet, you have to prepare more on what would be the side of the lawmaker. Is he going to support the issue or is he against the issue?

Look at the record of accomplishment of the past. What are the votes that are offered in favor to similar such issues in the past by the lawmaker? See the issued ratings and the voted records for references. When you have done this effectively then you will be in a better position to assess the results better as well. There are much more background useful information that could be useful too, during the course of the speech with the lawmaker. One ever knows how the conversation is diverted into different channels during the course of the speech that is sure to be filled in with lots of ifs and buts.

Stick to the point

rope-1469244_1920Twists and turns can change of course of direction of the speech for long hours, to not to be able to find the targeted solution within the prescribed time. So, see to that you are bringing back the conversation to the key issue of focus as and when there was an attempt made by the law maker either deliberately or naturally to shift from the topic of discussion. It may be a significant revealing too. Yet, we are interested at that time only about our prime objectives and not some other stats, which can be pulled out in some other mission too. Therefore, just because of the fact that the lawmaker is revealing some sensitive data that is not precisely relevant to this topic, do not shift your focus.